Manic Street Preachers - Generation Terrorists

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Their legendary 18 track debut album 'generation terrorists.' remastered and re-booted. on the albums initial release in february 1992 it was seen as a statement of intent - a debut double album filled with iconic tracks that would go on to become firm favourites still played at shows today. of course, most people already had an opinion of these glam-punk south wales upstarts before hearing it, their incendiary interviews and outlandish live appearance invoking outrage and devotion in equal measure. the singles 'new art riot', 'motown junk', and 'you love us' had introduced the music press and radio to a new sound totally unlike the grunge and shoegazing bands dominating the headlines.dismissed by some as nothing more than publicity junkies, the release of 'generation terrorists' saw the manics transcend the hype and make their mark as one of the most important british rock bands of the last two decades.