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The long overdue first collaborative work by Greg Haines and PeteråÊBroderick. åʉÛÏGreg and I became good friends while both living in Berlin, aroundåÊ2009 to 2013. We spent countless late nights playing records for eachåÊother, dreaming the dream of good music. We talked a lot aboutåÊcollaborating and even put in quite a few hours at each other'såÊstudios . . . but for some strange reason we never seemed to finishåÊanything. Maybe we were just busy enough with our other projectsåÊand didn't feel in any rush. But we certainly had it in mind that we'dåÊlike to finish something one day. And we are very proud to say thatåÊday is finally here!

Primarily inspired by mine and Greg's recent obsession with dubåÊmusic, Greg Gives Peter Space is a mini album comprised of sixåÊtracks filled with ‰ÛÒ you guessed it ‰ÛÒ spacey sounds, created with theåÊhelp of Greg's ever-growing collection of synthesizers, tape delaysåÊand reel-to-reel machines. In the true spirit of dub music, many ofåÊthe mixes were made live, both of us hovering over the mixing board,åÊdancing around and following our intuitions, processing the soundsåÊwith live effects while the music bounced down to tape.åÊWe are extremely excited to release this record in the summer timeåÊand to celebrate with a few select shows around Europe. We'veåÊenlisted our dear friend Martyn Heyne to help us perform the musicåÊlive, and we plan on bringing as much of the original gear from theåÊrecordings as possible. After years of playing fairly quiet music for anåÊoften seated audience, we can't wait to get on stage and bounce
around to some groovy rhythms, heavy bass and spaceyåÊsynthesizers. Prepare for take off! ‰ÛÏ ‰ÛÒ Peter Broderick, April 2014

Out on vinyl via Erased Tapes


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