Abner Jay - Folk Song Stylist

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A sequel to Mississippi's The True Story Of Abner Jay, the Folk Song Stylist LP continues to uncover the legend of this great troubadour and occasional one-man-band. Featuring recordings made for LP and 7" releases between the years of 1964 and 1973, the compilation is an indispensable document of the one of Americana's most singular and entertaining figures in his prime. The album hits real highs with great renditions of folk songs like 'St. James Infirmary' and the likes of storming opener 'Depression', which features an incredible vocal turn from Abner, not to mention a scorching R&B arrangement complete with sax leads that drip soul. Along with the LP itself, this package comes with a proper colour photo of Abner and a reproduction of his self-penned promotional pamphlet (which makes for an entertaining additional item, all the more so given the fact that it's written in third person). "Abner Jay was a man who had a grand sweeping vision of what folk music was. In his lifetime his expression of what folk music could be encompassed some serious stylistic variations. Sometimes he was a one man band traveling troubadour playing an electric banjo, harmonica, & drums who tried to hoodwink audiences into believing that he was 150 years old & the standard bearer for authentic Americana. Sometimes he played in electric straight up R&B bands such as 'Koko Joe & the Jobhunters'. Sometimes he claimed to be the 'black Bob Dylan' strumming an acoustic guitar & singing socially conscious urban folk. On this LP we find Abner in all of these modes & more. (He also does a pop song about a submarine disaster & a beautiful gospel song). Culled from a mix of Abners' 45's & LPs spanning the period 1964-1973, including Abner's first long lost LP, which we reproduced the cover image for this LP from."