Alex Calder - Strange Dreams

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There must be something in the water of Edmonton, Canada that‰۪s gifting the songwriters there with the ability to write sweet and snug pop melodies. After putting in time with fellow Edmontonian Mac DeMarco in Makeout Videotape, Alex Calder packed away his drums to perfect his song writing. Moving back to his mother‰۪s house, he was able to write and record his first solo effort in 2013 with the ‰Û÷Time‰۪ EP.

Alex Calder‰۪s sophomore release with Captured Tracks is as familiar as it is foreign - bringing together infectious melodies and texture to create tidy, acid-induced pop sequences.

‰Û÷Strange Dreams‰۪ takes a confident step forward from Calder‰۪s previous release and brings the focus and ambition of Alex‰۪s songwriting to all aspects of his music. The record delivers, while still maintaining the youthful humour that has become his trademark.

Tight rhythms tie down whirling guitars, sparkling textures bounce off of timeless melodies and ambition beyond humble means are realized on Alex Calder‰۪s latest album. Ghostly vibes find their way into his songs that possess a certain sense of urgency, as is unmistakably evident on his lead single, title track ‰Û÷Strange Dreams‰۪.