Don Bryant - Don't Give Up On Love

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You know that old song that O. V. Wright did so well in 1971 that no one can ever do that song again ‰ÛÓ ‰ÛÏA Nickel and a Nail‰۝? O. V. Wright has held tight to that song, and rightfully so. But not no mo. Not to take anything from O.V.‰ÛÓ but after nearly half a century, now you gotta step aside. Don Bryant is here. Though it ain‰۪t like he just showed up. As Willie Mitchell carved out his place at Hi Records, Don was close by. Don cut songs at Hi under the Four Kings moniker (‰ÛÏThat Driving Beat‰۝) and as a solo artist (‰ÛÏDon‰۪t Turn Your Back On Me‰۝). Around 1970, Willie put Don with the Hi label‰۪s newest act, Ann Peebles, who burst on the scene with ‰ÛÏPart Time Love.‰۝ Don looked at this slight young lady and penned ‰ÛÏ99 Lbs‰۝ for her. The relationship warmed, they co-wrote the hit ‰ÛÏI Can‰۪t Stand the Rain‰۝ in 1973 and were married the following year. And all the while, that voice was maturing, mellowing, until these recordings that find him, at age 74, in peak form and taking O. V.‰۪s song. The band is a mix of lifelong cohorts and upstart stalwarts. They understand where he‰۪s been and where he wants to go, making his song ‰ÛÏHow Do I Get There,‰۝ a rhetorical question, because they have clearly found the way.

LP - limited lilac splatter