Adu - Swimming In The Sahara (With A Frog On My Tail)-CD-South

Adu - Swimming In The Sahara (With A Frog On My Tail)

'Swimming In The Sahara (With A Frog On My Tail)' Is Adu's Fifth Album And Follows His Cult Classic 'Brixton Renaissance'. Adu is a flamboyant, colourful, character who has been, and is currently involved in many different forms of cultural expression. He has been a "Face" on the London scene for many years. A published poet and playwright. He released his debut album, 'Human To Human' in 1990 on the Modtone label which was owned by Cubby BroccoliåÊ the American film producer responsible for a series of James Bond films. 'Elasticity of Love', followed in '94, sung in Ashanti, Adu's native tongue. His third, 'Barefott In Snow' released in 2004 was a continued exploration of a soul/reggae sound that he has continued to mine on 'Brixton Renaissance' in '09 and his latest.åÊ 'Swimming In The Sahara'.....was recorded and produced by Michael Smith at RnR Studios Uxbridge. It features ten eclectic songs that deal with high pressure modern city living, utilizing various urban rhythms and Adu's ever soulful voice.