Adult Jazz - Gist Is-Vinyl LP-South

Adult Jazz - Gist Is

Following a flurry of critical acclaim for their debut single 'Springful / Am Gone in January, Adult Jazz release their anticipated debut album 'Gist Is' via their own label Spare Thought. A single-note drone fills the air, joined by a lilting, pitch-shifted vocal. The mercurial melody falls between folk, plainsong, pop and jazz, the words trigger equally beguiling images and the voice has an uninhibited, freestyle timbre. At seven minutes and twenty nine seconds, 'Hum' is as audacious as it is a brilliant introduction to a record. Through nine tracks and 51 minutes, their debut album 'Gist Is', released on the band's own label Spare Thought, is a voyage that's startling, mesmerising and magical from start to finish. 'Gist Is' also evolved intuitively, taking four years to finish.