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Algiers - Algiers

Algiers release their self-titled debut album on Matador Records. Steeped in radical politics and deeply indebted to post-punk's sonic trailblazing and gospel's spiritual bloodletting, the album imbues neo-modernist hymns with caustic social sentiment and explosive noise. Algiers comprises singer / guitarist Franklin James Fisher, guitarist Lee Tesche, and bassist Ryan Mahan. From the militant stomp of 'Remains' to Fisher's commanding presence on the gospel no wave blowout 'Black Eunuch,' Algiers channels righteous fury into an incisive, innovative assault. A trio of emigres of the American Deep South, now split between New York and London, Algiers synthesizes its eclectic influences, from Nina Simone and PJ Harvey to Suicide and Public Enemy, into frightening new form.