Amadou & Mariam - Welcome To Mali-LP-South

Amadou & Mariam - Welcome To Mali

'Welcome to Mali' is Amadou and Mariam's follow up to the celebrated 2005 'Dimanche Bamako'. 'Welcome to Mali' features the track 'Sabali', produced by Damon Albarn plus special guest appearances by K'naan, Keziah Jones, 'M', Toumani Diabate, Tiken Jah Fakoli and Juan Rozoff. 'Welcome to Mali' was produced by Marc-Antoine Moreau and Lauren Jais who, together with Manu cCao, were co-producers of 'Dimanche Bamako'. The album expands their horizons and yet remains true to their core sound, putting the spotlight firmly back on their unique mix of sweet melodies and funky rhythms, driven by Amadou's bluesy guitar and the duo's compelling voices. the rocking 'Ce N'est Pas Bon' sounds like classic Amadou and Mariam. But the album's opening track, and first single, 'Sabali' is the couple as you've never heard them before, an extraordinary mix of Damon Albarn's ethereal keyboards, Mariam's haunting voice and a timeless Africa-goes-global vibe. The voices of Amadou and the Somalian rapper K'naan combine to striking effect for 'the original west coast-east coast collaboration' on 'Africa', while other guests include Keziah Jones and the French star Mathieu Chedid, who performs mysteriously as 'M'. Yet despite such distinguished collaborators, it's the musical vision of Amadou and Mariam that commands centre stage, whether on the churning funk of 'Batoma', the haunting desert blues of 'Magosa', the irresistible afro-reggae of 'Djama' or the charm of Amadou's english-language love song, 'I Follow You'.
2LP - Double LP with CD Version.