Arab Strap - Arab Strap-CD-South

Arab Strap - Arab Strap

Aidan and Malcolm have also compiled a double album of Arab Strap 'secret hits and rarities' to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Reflecting on a 10 year career that was as influential as it was controversial, the compilation highlights an extraordinary output that staunchly refused to conform to expectation. From the string-led sashay of 'Shy Retirer' to the piano-driven noir of 'Love Detective'; the lo-fi crunch of 'The Clearing' to the spartan electronica of 'Rocket, Take Your Turn', Arab Strap were a fearless and resolutely original proposition from the minute Aidan regaled us with tales of their 'First Big Weekend' back in 1996.
2LP - Double 180 Gram Vinyl.