Ariel Pink - Pom Pom-CD-South

Ariel Pink - Pom Pom

Ariel Pink returns with a new album entitled ‰Û÷pom pom‰۪. Across its 17 tracks and 69 minutes, ‰Û÷pom pom‰۪ is unfiltered Ariel, a pied piper of the absurd, with infectious tales of romance, murder, frog princes and Jell-O. The record sees the Los Angeles native strike it out alone, returning to the solo moniker he has adopted for well over a decade when cementing his name as a king of pop perversion.

From demented kiddie tune collaborations with the legendary Kim Fowley (songs like ‰Û÷Jell-O‰۪ and ‰Û÷Plastic Raincoats In The Pig Parade‰۪ were written with Fowley in his hospital room during his recent battle with cancer), to beatific, windswept pop (‰Û÷Put Your Number In My Phone‰۪, ‰Û÷Dayzed Inn Daydreams‰۪), scuzz-punk face-melters (‰Û÷Goth Bomb‰۪, ‰Û÷Negativ Ed‰۪) and carnival dub psychedelia (‰Û÷Dinosaur Carebears‰۪), ‰Û÷pom pom‰۪ could very well be Ariel Pink‰۪s magnum opus.

‰ÛÏAlthough this is the first ‰Û÷solo‰۪ record credited to my name, it is by far the least ‰Û÷solo‰۪ record I have ever recorded.‰۝ - Ariel Pink

‰Û÷pom pom‰۪ is Ariel Pink‰۪s third studio album for 4AD, following his Haunted Graffiti releases ‰Û÷Before Today‰۪ (2010) and ‰Û÷Mature Themes‰۪ (2012).

‰Û÷pom pom‰۪ will be available on CD and double LP.