Autechre - Incunabula-LP-South

Autechre - Incunabula


Although Autechre's Sean Booth and Rob Brown are firmly rooted in the British hip-hop and electro scenes of the early 1980s, their music is experimental, mathematical, and precise; electro is used merely as a starting point for further exploration of synthetic sounds. On Incunabula, their contribution to Warp's Artificial Intelligence series, the roots of their sound are laid bare. Electro beats are tranquilized and obscured, shifted into alternate time signatures, and used as anchors for repetitive synth hooks and dense layers of effects, resulting in a sound that is exquisitely cold and mechanical. The title, which means 'beginning,' couldn't be more appropriate: as the years passed, Autechre's music became more dense and oblique; hence, a quick listen to Incunabula is essential to decoding the plot.

2LP - Gatefold sleeve with download card. Includes redemption code for album and bonus live set.