Behind The Shadow Drops - Harmonic-CD-South

Behind The Shadow Drops - Harmonic

Behind the Shadow Drops is the new solo endeavour from Takaakira ‰Û÷Taka‰۪ Goto, founding guitarist and composer of iconic Japanese experimental rock group, MONO. Established in 2016, Behind the Shadow Drops combines Goto‰۪s disparate but commensurate interests in many different forms of music, most notably ambient, trip-hop, industrial minimalism, and modern classical. Recorded at Goto‰۪s home studio and mixed with esteemed producer and percussionist, John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea and Cake, Yo La Tengo), Harmonic merges Goto‰۪s dynamic, moody compositions with McEntire‰۪s renowned drum programming and percussive sensibilities. What begins as a passing resemblance to the more melancholy work of Goto‰۪s ensemble, MONO, slowly mutates into something otherworldly, submerging in a symphony of synths, drum machines, noise loops, and mournful strings (courtesy of Los Angeles experimental cellist, Helen Money). Resembling something like waves rippling in the ocean under a cloudy moonlit sky, Harmonic is as eerie as it is beautiful ‰ÛÒ a vast abyss punctuated by seemingly endless glimmers of light.