Belbury Poly - The Owl's Map-LP-South

Belbury Poly - The Owl's Map

First released in 2006, The Owl‰۪s Map was the second LP from Belbury Poly, the recording alias for Ghost Box‰۪s co-founder Jim Jupp. By turns jaunty and dark, the music was inspired by TV soundtracks, library music, English folk music and 1970s electronic music technology. Although its antecedents may have been Boards of Canada, Stereolab, Plone and the Look Around You TV series, this album was to set the tone for the now familiar hauntological culture of Penguin book style packaging, 70s horror movie occultism, blogs from imaginary English towns, ersatz public information films and darkly ironic fakes of forgotten children‰۪s TV & books.

The Owl‰۪s Map has been re-mastered by Jon Brooks for this first outing on vinyl. Ghost Box designer, Julian House has adapted the original CD artwork and text to the new heavyweight vinyl format. It includes a colour card inner sleeve with a visitor‰۪s guide to Belbury and a free download code card.

"If Ghost Box are the torch bearers for the hauntology ‰ÛÏzeitgeist‰۝, as Simon Reynolds suggests in The Wire 273, then label cofounder Jim Jupp‰۪s Belbury Poly is the psychogeographer amongst his cohort. On The Owl‰۪s Map Jupp aims for nothing less than the (re)creation of previously unknown topography."
Jon Dale,åÊThe Wire

"Belbury Poly‰۪s music, while ripe with anodyne melodies and soft-toothed waveforms, is unsettling. What unsettles, of course, isn‰۪t just the thought that all the snoozer science reels called to memory were actually much more quietly batshit and fascinating than I‰۪d ever realised as a kid. It‰۪s the possibility that my memory has distorted it even further, that my reaction to Jupp‰۪s music is itself queasy, misfired nostalgia."
Mike Powell,åÊStylus