Bert Jansch - Jack Orion

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Jansch released two albums simultaneously in August 1966. ‰Û÷Bert And John‰۪ was the first and recorded more or less concurrently. ‰Û÷Jack Orion‰۪ saw Jansch shift away from jazz and blues inspired improvised instrumentals and his own songwriting to present an album that radically challenged existing interpretations of traditional folk music.

The selection included his classic treatment of ‰Û÷Black Waterside‰۪, the astonishing ‰Û÷The Waggoner‰۪s Lad‰۪ where Jansch‰۪s banjo is thrillingly offset by John Renbourn‰۪s chopping guitar and the epic title track.
The album was the result of Jansch working closely with Anne Briggs who taught him many of the songs and as Renbourn once commented: ‰ÛÏfor a while his playing mirrored her singing.‰۝

This superb edition is the fourth in a series of all seven of Bert Jansch‰۪s Transatlantic Records recordings, all of which have been remastered from the original master tapes for the first time ever.