Billy Childish & Holly Golightly - In Blood (Reissue)-Vinyl LP-South

Billy Childish & Holly Golightly - In Blood (Reissue)


It‰۪s subtitled ‰Û÷ONE CHORD! ONE SONG! ONE SOUND! But it‰۪s so much more than that, tracks like ‰Û÷Demolition Girl‰۪ & ‰Û÷Step Out‰۪ roar out of your stereo, really great dirty one chord (with many notes) blues songs with vocal trading, clanging guitars and backed by the Medway Delta Review, which features, Bruce and Johnny of Thee Headcoats as well as Johnny Gibb of the Wildebeests.While simplicity, repetition and sheer rock & roll minimalism are at the heart of the album, ‰Û÷In Blood‰۪ never ceases hold interest. It's just plain addictive.

1/ Step Out 2/ In Blood 3/ Let Me Know You 4/ You Got That Thing 5/ Demolition Girl 6/ Upside Mine 7/ You Move MeåÊ8/ I Believe 9/ It's A Natural Fact 10/ I'm The Robber 11/ Move On Up 12/ Hold Me

On red and black splatter vinyl