Bis - Social Dancing (Deluxe)-CD-South

Bis - Social Dancing (Deluxe)

1999's 'Social Dancing' saw Manda Rin, Sci-Fi Steven and John Disco, having been ostrasized by the UK music press, return with a bigger, shinier and cohesive sound. Produced by Gang Of Four's Andy Gill and mixed by Pet Shop Boys engineer Bob Kraushaar, the blend of 1979 New-Wave riffs and 80's Electro-Pop synths shine on hit single "Eurodisco", the sped-up Gary Numan of "I'm A Slut" and album opener "Making People Normal". An expanded sonic palette saw a liberal use of samples, a diversion into trip-hop ("Detour") and even a real string section on "Theme From Tokyo". While "Social Dancing" didn't have the impact of debut album "The New Transitor Heroes", it's most fans favourite - a solid body of songs which has a confident band at the top of their game. Now here in deluxe form, including 2000's self-produced (and band favourite) "Music For A Stranger World" mini-album.