Bleached - Welcome The Worms-CD-South

Bleached - Welcome The Worms

Los Angeles-based sister duo Jennifer and Jessie Clavin knew that things were going to be different for their band Bleached‰۪s sophomore album ‰Û÷Welcome The Worms‰۪. Not only had they managed to charm world renowned producer and engineer Joe Chiccarelli (Morrissey, The Strokes, Elton John) to join them and their bassist Micayla Grace in the studio, Jen and Jessie had also been crawling out of their own personal dramas. Jessie was evicted from her house and scrambling, while Jen ended a torrid, unhealthy romance. While emotionally spinning she dove head first into music. She struggled and escaped the pressures with drinking and partying, sometimes to excess, feeling like she was losing herself altogether.

‰ÛÏI was a loose cannon,‰۝ the commanding frontwoman says. ‰ÛÏI was losing serious control of my personal and creative life. I was falling apart, trying to escape. I felt like Bleached was the only thing I actually cared about.‰۝

The 10-song album was born out of triple the amount of demos. Sometimes the three girls spent time writing at a remote house in Joshua Tree away from the seemingly destructive city (a first since bassist Micayla had never contributed to songwriting on previous releases). Other times Jen and Jessie worked alone, just like when they were teenaged punk brats playing in their parents‰۪ San Fernando Valley garage imitating their heroes The Slits, Black Flag and Minor Threat.

In the studio, Chiccarelli and co-producer Carlos de la Garza (Paramore, YACHT) helped the band perfect their fervent songs into fearlessly big pop melodies. They drew inspiration from the iconic hits of everyone from Fleetwood Mac to Heart to Roy Ayers.
‰Û÷Welcome The Worms‰۪ is an ambitious rock record with a new found pop refinement that somehow still feels like the Shangri-Las on speed, driven forward in a wind of pot and petals, a wall of guitars in the back seat.

Coloured vinyl LP available exclusively to independent retailers.

‰ÛÏA super strong comeback from Cali‰۪s favourite punks Bleached today, sounding like ‰Û÷80s Ramones (Spector-produced) rearranging a Runaways classic.‰۝ - NME