Brix & The Extricated - Damned For Eternity-7"-South

Brix & The Extricated - Damned For Eternity


Brix & The Extricated will release their highly anticipated official debut single and fierce statement of intent ‰Û÷Damned for Eternity‰۪ on 12th May on Blang Records. Formed by the visionary Brix Smith Start (vocals / guitar) and legendary bass player Stephen Hanley, Brix & The Extricated also features Paul Hanley on drums, which reignites the Hanley Brother powerhouse rhythm section. The addition of Steve Trafford on guitar has brought together these influential, former members of The Fall. Completing the line-up is hugely talented Irish guitarist Jason Brown. Increasing pressure from old and new fans alike to record fresh material spurred Brix & The Extricated to head into the studio, where they laid down 10 tracks. As anyone who has read Brix‰۪s book ‰Û÷The Rise, The Fall & The Rise‰۪ will know, Brix is a warrior woman one moment, and the next she‰۪s stripping off her armour and laying bare her open wounds for all to see ‰ÛÒ and this is precisely what she‰۪s done on the resulting album. On lead single ‰Û÷Damned for Eternity‰۪ - which is a two minute and 15 second punch to the gut of filthy garage power, unrelenting, to the point, and highly infectious - Brix vehemently spits out her lyrics over savage sliding power chords and a rumbling bass.