Cheval Sombre - Madder Love

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Super Limited 12" with 33 minutes running time on translucent purple vinyl in a beautiful gold-printed, see-through simulator paper sleeve. It features remixes from Justin Robertson, Time And Space Machine and Tom Furse from the Horrors. New York-based psych artist and poet Christopher Porpora, aka Cheval Sombre, releases a new EP, 'Madder Love' of re-imaginings and remixes from his second record 'Mad Love'. The collection is built on a fittingly romantic tale. An intimate gig at St Pancras Old Church in 2012 found Justin Robertson, members of The Horrors and Richard Norris, aka The Time And Space Machine, all in attendance. All under one roof, they conceived the idea of remixing tracks from 'Mad Love'. However, when the hard drive containing all but one of the album's original stems was discovered to be lost, the remixers (with Tom Furse going to bat for The Horrors) were left producing three distinct versions of the surviving song, 'Couldn't Do', for 'Madder Love', finished by Cheval's own reworking of 'Mad Love' opener 'Someplace Else', aptly-titled 'Someplace Slow'. Robertson's rework, under his Deadstock 33s guise, melds Eastern-influenced tonality with a four-to-the-flour backbeat, luring you into surely the summer's strangest, trippiest disco. Richard Norris' the Time and Space Machine add a loping cosmic groove and Tom Furse of the Horrors stretches it into a blissful astral drone. then Cheval Sombre himself gives us 'Someplace Slow', a lo-fi solo reworking of 'Someplace Else'.