Chris & Cosey - Heartbeat-Vinyl LP-South

Chris & Cosey - Heartbeat


Originally released to much acclaimed in 1981 by Rough Trade 'Heartbeat' was the first in a long line of groundbreaking albums by Chris Carter & Cosey Fanni Tutti. This early example of C&C features cut-up sampled voices, Cosey's disto-guitar, Industrial sequences, melodious synths and cinematic sweeps.

Archival press quote: ‰ÛÏThere are moments of great beauty like ‰Û÷Moorby‰۪ and, equally, many moments of sheer depravity all performed with Kraftwerk‰۪s cultured class and the hypnotic charm and deadly grace of a synthesised cobra.‰۝ Steve Sutherland Melody Maker 1982

Archival press quote: "All the world loves a love story‰Û_ but 'Heartbeat' still has an edge of evil among the extensions of the pair's established scenarios." Sandy Robertson - Sounds 1981

Side One: 1/Put Yourself In Los Angeles 2/This Is Me 3/Voodoo 4/Moorby 5/Radio Void 6/Just Like You Side Two:1/Bust Stop 2/Useless Information 3/ Manic Melody (Hairy Beary) 4/Heartbeat