Cluster - Sowiesoso

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Back in 1976, while Britain was giving birth to punk, Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius were devising a brand new language of impressionistic pastoral electronic music for Sowiesoso. This album sees Cluster leaving behind their lengthy freeform improvisations in favour of concise, propulsive vignettes. The variety and depth of the music here is astonishing. The title track sees the band exploring the kind of pulsing krautrock synthesis they've become famed for, while on tracks like 'Halwa' you can hear a hippyish, New Age approach to stealing compositional motifs from Eastern musics. It's impossible to place enough emphasis on just how well constructed Sowiesoso sounds today, the heavy grain of tape hiss being the only thing to convince you that the whole thing hasn't been digitally sequenced. Amazing stuff.