Cold War Kids - Live At Third Man-Vinyl LP-South

Cold War Kids - Live At Third Man


Previously unavailable VIA Forte, now available to order! Cold War Kids' performance on a snowy, icy December night in 2010 thawed the hearts of many a fan and goes down as one of our favorite performances yet in the Blue Room. Given the winter-wonderland of a week we've had here in Nashville, it seemed the ideal time to call attention back to this wonderful record.

Tracklist - 1. Royal Blue / 2. Audience / 3. Louder Than Ever / 4. I?ve Seen Enough / 5. Cold Toes on the Cold Floor / 6. Skip the Charades / 7. Hospital Beds / 8. Bulldozer / 9. Santa Ana Winds / 10. We Used to Vacation / 11. Goodnight Tennessee