Colin Newman - Not To-CD-South

Colin Newman - Not To


Colin Newman‰۪s 3 classic early 80‰۪s solo albums A-Z, provisionally entitled the singing fish & Not To originally released on Beggars Banquet / 4AD re-released on his own new imprint Sentient Sonics.

VINYL - unavailable for many years‰ÛÓremastered original albums on single vinyl.

CD - the 3 remastered original albums each accompanied by a companion CD of extra tracks, b-sides & demos - quite a lot of which have never been released - released as 3 double digipacks.

These albums were recorded and released between 1980 & 1982 in a ‰ÛÏpost 154‰۝ rush of activity. While all the albums bear the name Colin Newman they differ in that A-Z & Not To were recorded as ‰ÛÏband‰۝ albums with Colin being joined by Wire‰۪s Robert Grey, Mike Thorne (who also produced, as he had the first 3 Wire albums) & Desmond Simmons on A-Z and Robert, Desmond & Simon Gillham on Not To. provisionally entitled the singing fish was more an ‰ÛÏactual‰۝ solo album in that everything was played by himself. Colin produced the latter 2 albums with Steve Parker engineering.

The 2nd discs (included only with the CD versions)