Crass - Christ The Album-LP-South

Crass - Christ The Album

Reissue Crass' fourth album including original book and poster! Includes download card entitling bearer to an MP3 version of the whole album. Newly cut to Lacquer at Abbey Road studios, from the original analogue vinyl master. No remixing!! Originally release in 1982 with unplanned irony as the Falklands War raged, Christ, The Album, another double album half studio/half-live release, once again aimed to take no prisoners. This twin LP packageincludes their June 1981 gig at the 100 Club in London along with other studio tracks, demos, radio broadcast and cassette recordings. "By 1981 Crass had been in existence for four tempestuous years. In that time we'd encouraged punk to grow from being no more than just another "great rock 'n' roll swindle" into a genuine movement for change. Anarchy had been rescued from the dusty libraries of academia and the equally dusty dreams of barstool bullshitters to become the catchword for a whole new generation of streetwise activists." Penny Rimbaud