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Inspired by a combination of George Clinton's Midwestern funk, Kraftwerk's eclectic synth-pop, Yellow Magic Orchestra's electronic experimentation, and futurist authors like Alvin Toffler and Ray Kurzweil, Michigan's Juan Atkins, Richard "3070" Davis, and John "Jon 5" Housley would form the group Cybotron in 1980. Their sound was an amalgamation of Detroit funk mixed with a post-industrial electronic sound that helped shape the foundation and early evolution of techno music, and the electro-defined funk music of the 1980s.

By far their most influential and celebrated composition appeared as the final track on their 1983 debut Enter. (Which would later be reissued in 1990 under the famed track's title.) The song was called "Clear". It sold over 50,000 copies since its release as a 12" single, and the British avant garde magazine The Wire has referred to the song as a "groundbreaking, first-generation piece of pure machine music."

For many people, the song's main selling point is its' instantly recognizable loop, which has been a staple of hip-hop sampling, having appeared on tracks by the likes of T.I., Missy Elliot, Poison Clan, Blowfly, and many more.

Thirty years later, Decision Records recognizes the impact and full extent of this Cybotron single, and presents "Clear" reissued in its original 12" format, featuring an alternate remix, and vocal/instrumental mixes of the B-side, "Techno City", another important Cybotron release, which JonåÊSavage of the Guardian has referred to as "...a perfect fusion of technology, ambient mood and human warmth from a time when people were not afraid to project into the future."

SIDE A: Clear (Jose Animal Diaz Remix) Clear (Original LP Version) SIDE B: Techno City (Vocal) Techno City (Instrumental)