Darrel Higham - Hell's Hotel-CD-South

Darrel Higham - Hell's Hotel


Whilst adjusting to life following his separation from Imelda May in early 2015, Higham set to write and record without any plan – there was no label or management in place, just the opportunity to create with absolute freedom. With this newly found autonomy, Higham turned his own Basingstoke-based studio, Embassy Studios into a fortress of expressing life-adjustments, swinging his attention to the iconic guitarist and ever-fruitful source of influence for himself, Eddie Cochran – testament to his appreciation for the 50s guitarist, Darrel co-wrote Cochran’s first biography. The outcome of Higham’s sessions was a collection of twelve songs, written and arranged over a short period of time that captured the cathartic essence of his moving forward in life. This fresh creative process brought about a change in Darrel’s personnel as well, recruiting new collaborators and accomplices in his mission. From the Jools Holland-featuring ‘When You Smile’ – a track inspired by Higham’s own daughter – to Snowboy’s performances on percussion scattered throughout the album. The album-closing cover of Bill Allen & The Back Beats’ ‘Please Give Me Something’ features a powerful vocal performance from Robert Plant. Plant’s vocals are flanked by Holland’s piano work and Higham’s closing display of 12-bar-blues mastery.

The album will feature guest performances from artists including Robert Plant, Jools Holland, Imelda May, plus legendary percussionist Snowboy. In his time as a musician Higham has fronted the last road band for his personal hero: Eddie Cochran titled The Kelly Four, performed and composed with musicians such as Jeff Beck, Shakin’ Stevens and Chrissy Hyde and formed his own groups: Kat Men and Darrel Higham & The Enforcers.