Dave Jackson & The Cathedral Mountaineers - Red Fin Sunset-CD-South

Dave Jackson & The Cathedral Mountaineers - Red Fin Sunset


For fans of; Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, Velvet Underground.

Red Fin Sunset by Dave Jackson & The Cathedral Mountaineers follows on from his critically acclaimed first solo album Cathedral Mountain. This time, he‰۪s reunited with Benny Profane and Dead Cowboys guitarists, Robin Surtees and Greg Milton, and augmented by Andy Wilson on keyboards and the celestial Cathedral Mountain Choir. The album contains six new songs and five re-imagined ‰Û÷covers‰۪ of Benny Profane classics, all stripped back to the atmospheric, two guitars, no drums mood of the previous album but making wider use of heavenly choir and keyboard textures to create a more expansive sound. The songs give prominent place to vocals and continue in the storytelling vein of yore: Having seduced the mother by stealing her Mojo Hand, a Saltspell Man swaps their first-born for a Changeling Girl. A Jekyll & Hyde style drug fiend dances through Victorian London, accompanied by his Pet Ape and wielding his Dragon-headed Cane. The spirit of Vlad Impaler visits a Tory Tax evader at his Andorran mountain retreat. A man on life-support contemplates the cosmos through palliative bliss. An estranged lover watches his paramour diminish from the gondola of an airship.

Dave Jackson has been writing, recording and singing with his bands The Room, Benny Profane, Dust and Dead Cowboys since the early 1980s and has toured in the UK, Europe and the USA with The Fall, The Birthday Party, Bauhaus, The Violent Femmes, Tom Verlaine, New Order, Echo & the Bunnymen, Aztec Camera and The Wedding Present. Tracks by The Room and Benny Profane are included on Cherry Red‰۪s Scared to Get Happy: the Story of Indie Pop Box Set and C86 Deluxe Box Set. Jackson‰۪s first novel is due out this winter, accompanied by the micro-budget feature film he adapted from it and co-produced. Violet City was shot entirely on green screen, by director John Maxwell and has been in post-production for 5 years.