David Lynch & Marek Zebrowski - Polish Night Music

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First-ever vinyl pressing; previously only released as limited-edition, now out-of-print CD. Double heavyweight LP that includes a download of a bonus 4 track live album recorded in 2006 'Live At The Consulate General of the Republic of Poland'. Barren train stations, Polish factories at night, and silent hotels where lonely travellers meet. These are the images and suggested narratives that pervade the spirit of 'Polish Night Music', the musical collaboration between American filmmaker David Lynch and Polish concert pianist and composer Marek Zebrowski. Zebrowski and Lynch first met during the Camerimage Film Festival in Lodz, Poland, and started to work together during the organic evolution of Lynch's Inland Empire. Originally, Zebrowski served as a translator for the shooting of several Lodz-based Polish scenes in Empire, but upon discovering their shared interest in musical experimentation and improvisation, Lynch invited Zebrowski to his Los Angeles studio to participate in a series of musical experiments. From these initial collaborations, inspired by their unique and distinct connections to Poland, emerged a tangible mood and distinctly modern texture that became Polish Night Music.