Dead C - Trouble-LP-South

Dead C - Trouble


‰ÛÏThere‰۪s a reason why our relationship with The Dead C is Ba Da Bing‰۪såÊlongest running. It‰۪s not because they are the hardest working band we‰۪veåÊever met. It‰۪s not because they are the largest selling band we‰۪ve everåÊreleased. It‰۪s not because we‰۪re inspired to support our local music scene.å?ÛÏYes, there‰۪s definitely a reason... please give me a minute... oh, ok, IåÊgot it (just put on this record). Like every time I hear their recordings, I‰۪måÊreminded that they are one of the greatest rock bands to ever pick up aåÊguitar and attempt to play it wrong. Listening to The Dead C causes meåÊto think differently. It brings up emotions with which I‰۪m otherwise unfamiliar.åÊIt strikes to the essence of my being and reveals what otherwiseåÊremains hidden. I take solace in knowing that one out of every thirty ofåÊyou reading this know exactly what I‰۪m talking about.å?ÛÏOn the spectrum of The Dead C‰۪s sound output, Trouble could veryåÊwell be seen as springing from the same realm as the massive ‰ÛÏDriveråÊUFO,‰۝ one of the band‰۪s greatest tracks ever, off Harsh 70s Reality.åÊThere‰۪s a youthful aggression here, a churning anger, deadened byåÊpounding drone. Much like H70s, this record serves as a gateway drug‰ÛÓåÊif you were ever looking for an album to play to a newbie curious aboutåÊexperimental rock, this would be it. The visceral strength of their performanceåÊtrembles out of the speakers. The magnificence of their staminaåÊsurvives each album side.å?ÛÏWe are in a creative highpoint for the trio at the moment. Bruce RussellåÊhas just released a captivating solo album on Feeding Tube, whileåÊMichael Morley‰۪s solo project Gate just put out a release on MIE. RobbieåÊYeats has been performing of late as backup for Alastair Galbraith.åÊThe fact that there are still means to commute between Lyttelton and PortåÊChalmers on the South Island of New Zealand means these three can stillåÊfind time to get together, and allows for what we have here today. And it‰۪såÊfucking glorious. ‰۪‰۪å?ÛÓBen Goldberg, Ba Da Bing