Dead Can Dance - Anastasis

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Dead Can Dance return with 'Anastasis', the duo's first new album in 16 years. 'Anastasia' is the greek word for 'resurrection'; the seemingly dead will dance again.Ssigned by 4ad and releasing their first album in 1984, the duo drew rapturous reviews for albums that spanned neo-classical and folk across time and geography, each album selling to a progressively larger audience, coming to the attention of the San Francisco ballet, hermes perfume and a documentary on hitler and stalin, likewise motion pictures such as 'Heat', 'The Crossing Guard' and 'Baraka'. Lisa Gerrard developed her own solo film soundtracks - 'the Gladiator' and 'the Insider', for example - while Brendan Perry worked on solo albums such as 1999's 'Eye of the Hunter' and 2008's 'Ark'. The pair dissolved their physical relationship in the early 90s but something keeps them together - a bond of deep friendship and musical compatibility and understanding, and so 'Anastasis' is born, and Dead Can Dance regenerated.

LP - Very limited repressing on 180 Gram dark green double vinyl.