Death - NEW-Vinyl LP-South

Death - NEW

Inspired by the positivity brought to them by ever-increasing numbers of new fans, the current performing Death (Bobby Hackney, Dannis Hackney and Bobbie Duncan) completed several songs started back in the late 1970s by Bobby and David, as well as composing entirely new songs that continue the timeless vibe, feel and resolve of Death with remarkable drive and vigour. For many years after disbanding the original Death Bobby and Dannis played different styles of music but with the same deep spiritual investment. Bringing that spirit back to Death, their ability to make new songs in the same vein is fantastic. 'N.E.W.' surveys the whole Death story, making a statement that screams to the soul, even when reviewing the tracklisting. That statement says: If you want 'Relief', 'Look At Your Life', it's the 'Story Of The World' in 'The Times' that we are living in, things moving so fast. It's 'Playtime', but remember we are 'At The Station' where we must ask ourselves 'Who Am I?' Well, 'You Are What You Think', preparing for a 'Resurrection', which will bring about 'Change'.
LP - LP version comes with a 28"x18" full-colour poster.