Dntel ‰ÛÒ Human Voice

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Dntel is Jimmy Tamborello. ‰ÛÏJudging by the title of Jimmy Tamborello‰۪s latest Dntel LP‰ÛÓHuman Voice, you‰۪d think he just completed another guest-heavy collection of synth-and-sample-laced pop songs. Not quite; the voices here are actually quite inhuman, a cast of paranoid androids lost in a complex lattice of avant-dance loops.‰۝ ‰ÛÒ SELF TITLED ‰ÛÏTamborello is probably best known for his genre crushing pop project. The Postal Service ... He experiments with with footwork on first single, and if you ever wanted to hear what The Postal Service might sound like with a rolling juke pulse, well now you can.‰۝ ‰ÛÒ FACT. ‰ÛÏHe‰۪s been making layered and pretty solo electronic music as Dntel for about 20 years. The new LP is called Human Voice, and it‰۪s built around theåÊidea of voices that have been processed and mutated to the point where they‰۪re just another layer in the mix.‰۝ ‰ÛÒ STEREOGUM. ‰ÛÏRemember when Dntel was progressing pop to the point of beyond musical territory and then the Postal Service fucked it all up and got that UPS commercial? Fuck all that! ‰Û÷Cause his single ‰Û÷If I Stay a Minute‰۪ blows all intentions of advancing music outta the atmosphere.‰۝ ‰ÛÒ TINY MIX TAPES. ‰ÛÏTamborello is best known as the producer for The Postal Service, and for vocalists and songwriters like Baths and Mia Doi Todd. Human Voice, his seventh full-length as Dntel‰۝ ‰ÛÒ RESIDENT ADVISOR.