Doug Paisley - Starter Home

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To make his fi­rst album in nearly 5 years, Doug Paisley stayed in his hometown of Toronto, playing with old friends and collaborators, and recording in home studios around the city. He spent the previous few years writing, and Starter Home showcases an already brilliant songwriter getting even better. The songs are rooted in the sound of folk and country, but the themes are universal and expansive, not belonging to any genre. The recording itself is quiet, often only minimally adorned, showcasing Doug Paisley's incredible voice and guitar playing. "This is a musician, you instinctively feel, who's in deep... There's something sure-footed and ageless about Paisley's simple, acoustic-and-piano songs, lent further authenticity by an old -school voice that drifts easily between folk and country.” Uncut Magazine // "I love his songs and his way with words ­ts my life like a worn-in old shoe; you know, comfortable and familiar but helps me bound around and climb and leap, and ponder the things I've gotten too used to with fresh eyes." Leslie Feist // "A hero of mine. A true troubadour." Justin Vernon