Dutch Uncles - Big Balloon-LP-South

Dutch Uncles - Big Balloon


Manchester‰۪s idiosyncratic art-popologists Dutch Uncles return with Big Balloon, their new studio album on Memphis Industries. Big Balloon is the latest chapter in Dutch Uncles‰۪ brilliantly witty, hip-swivelling leftfield adventures. Taking musical inspiration from Kate Bush‰۪s The Red Shoes, Low - era David Bowie, some slightly-less fashionable records belonging to their parents and Eastern European techno, it‰۪s the fifth Dutch Uncles studio album and the follow-up to 2015‰۪s acclaimed O Shudder.Functioning as ten distinct pieces, each tackling a different topic, including austerity cuts, therapy, fried chicken, paranoia and coming to terms with loneliness, Big Balloon is Dutch Uncles‰۪ finest album to date, taking listeners on an exhilarating cerebral journey.

LP - Limited 180 Gram Clear Vinyl with Download