Emmy The Great - Second Love

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Over the course of three years, people's lives can change drastically. Often times it's only when we look back that we notice how our routines and relationships have evolved. Emmy the Great, the moniker of Emma-Lee Moss, made this realization as she started to work on her follow-up to 2012's 'Virtue'. Moss originally set out to record an album about technology and the future, but it wasn't long before the present become much more pressing. As she used modern devices to write about love and life, she began to take stock of how much her own life was changing. In three years time, she'd moved from London to Los Angeles, and then once more uprooted and headed to New York. She sustained her musical ambitions by working as a music journalist for Vice and The Guardian. All the while, she quietly analyzed her ever-changing surroundings and personal situations, recording those observations on a laptop whenever she found the time. That led to sessions in over 30 houses across the country as she slowly pieced together new material that recollected the array of experiences she'd had over the last few years. Now, she's sharing her story with her third record, 'Second Love'.
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LP - Limited Edition Lilac Vinyl.