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Two iconic bands join forces in a bold, new creative endeavour and the fruits of this seemingly unlikely musical idea have finally been born. Franz Ferdinand and Sparks have become FFS for one of the most unlikely, fun, camp and joyous albums of the year. The mutual admiration society between Alex Kapranos, Nick McCarthy, Bob Hardy, Paul Thomson, Ron Mael and Russell Mael has manifested itself in a striking new album produced by John Congleton, master producer of St. Vincent and many other great artists. This is a pop joy explosion. It's as though Glee had been made by the kings of pop, punk and glam and shot into the world through a cheeky circus canon. Something of it shimmers with the finest facets of Euro-pop - the silliness, the symphonic harmonies, the music hall showmanship and the flying in the face of their own rules (singing 'Collaborations Don't Work' while willfully proving that, in this case, they really really do!).

Deluxe special edition 2LP features red coloured vinyl and is available exclusively to independent retailers.