Flying Saucer Attack - Instrumentals 2015-Vinyl LP-South

Flying Saucer Attack - Instrumentals 2015


Flying Saucer Attack release 'Instrumentals 2015', their first album in 15 years. Comprised of 15 fresh David Pearce solo performances recorded in characteristically lo-fi manner at home, using guitars only on tape and CD-R, 'Instrumentals 2015' is an album that will appeal both to FSA diehards and those wholly unfamiliar with the outfit's recorded output. The 15 tracks on 'Instrumentals 2015' present an impressionistic narrative which transports the listener through the excoriating dronescapes and rueful introspection of the album's early pieces to the more redemptive cadences of the its closing half. Given its sense of momentum, maintained through Pearce's thoughtful sequencing, this is an album that should be experienced in its entirety, the better to appreciate its deliberate emotional arc.

LP - Double heavyweight vinyl. 4th side etched by Rachel Coe from FSA and Movietone. Tip-on sleeve and Download.