Franco Micalizzi - The Visitor OST

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MONDO is pleased to reissue the original soundtrack to the cult classic THE VISITOR, complete with 8 tracks previously unreleased on vinyl. Pressed on 180 gram Black vinyl with randomly inserted Yellow & Orange swirl vinyl.åÊMusic composed, arranged and conducted by Franco Micalizzi.

Tracklisting: A 1. Stridulum Theme I A2. Here's the Dream I A3. Running Away from Jerzy I A4. Sadness Theme B 1. Distressing Sequence I B2. Hospital Sequence I B3. Voices for Sadness Theme I B4. Jerzy Again B5. Sadness Theme (2nd Part) I C 1. Atmosphere I C2. Back in Hospital I C3. Distressing Sequence #2 C4. Stridulum Theme #2* I C5. Distressing Sequence #3* I C6. Jerzy Again #2* I Dl. Atmosphere #2* D2. Sadness Theme (2nd Part, Take 2)* I D3 . Stridulum Theme #3* I D4. Atmosphere #3* I D5. Jerzy Again #3* *Previously unavailable on vinyl.