Frederic Mirage - Time Machine-Vinyl LP-South

Frederic Mirage - Time Machine


The space disco sensation of 2014 is available now for pre-listening. The album features 9 long disco tracks with a running time of up to 6 minutes. No fillers only space disco music of the highest league. Outstanding moments on ‰Û_Spaceship" (first track) and ‰Û_Surfing Sternthaler" (min 6:24).

Please mind that there were only very few full lengh space disco albums produced in Germany (Methusalem, Wolfgang Maus -- Children Of The Universe,...) and that therefore it is nearly impossible to find an unreleased album these days (especially a perfect one like this is). Until now only about 10 people have ever listened to ‰Û_Timemachine".
A ceremonial moment for all fans of space disco, cosmic synth. music, disco, vocoders,...

soon available as vinyl LP limited edition, under exclusive license to Private Records Berlin