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Giant Sand - proVISIONS


Arizonian desert-rock band Giant Sand initially released ‰Û÷proVISIONS‰۪ in 2008 it features appearances from Howe Gelb favorites Neko Case, Isobel Campbell and M Ward. ‰Û÷The Desperate Kingdom Of Love‰۪ is a cover penned by friend PJ Harvey. Recorded partly in Tucson and partly in Denmark, it‰۪s an ‰ÛÏarray of peyote rock, twilight ballads, space cowboy soundtracks, and spooky sidetracks off the beaten path on par with the band's best work.‰۝ (Pitchfork) Released alongside their upcoming tour in April, Giant Sand shall bid a final adios. No more albums. No more tours. The occasional festival? could be. maybe. Howe suggests that these last 2 years of touring felt like the best runs ever. Regardless if his memory has misspoken, he maintains the band is not breaking up cause there's nothing broken. It's just being put to bed, maybe one day to be awoken.