Gob - Apt.13-Vinyl LP-South

Gob - Apt.13

Formed in Langley, BC in 1993, Gob is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Tom Thacker, vocalist/guitarist Theo Goutzinakis, drummer Gabe Mantle and bassist Steven Fairweather. Over the course of their career, the band has amassed JUNO nominations, has had tracks featured in countless movies, TV shows, video games and sporting events and has made massively popular music videos for singles like I Hear You Calling and Give Up The Grudge. On top of all that, Gob has kept legions of loyal fans packed into mosh pits in front of the stage at countless venues from dive bars to major festival stages around the world. Apt. 13, is the follow-up record to 2007s Muertos Vivos and the bands first full-length release in seven years. Entirely self-produced, Apt. 13 features 10 catchy, upbeat and anthemic tracks that demand repeated listening. Ripe with Gobs now-signature energetic, guitar-driven take on punk rock, Apt. 13 leans less towards the straight-up pop influence of its predecessors and puts focus on a fuller, more layered rock sound that includes sonic elements of decades past. Tracks like Cant Get Over You and Radio Hell sound big and upbeat, loaded with thick, full guitars anchored by throwback punk rhythms, driving, pulsating piano licks, and backing vocals that borrow as much from The Beach Boys, as they do influential 70s punk acts.