Golden Fable - Ancient Blue-CD-South

Golden Fable - Ancient Blue

Hailing from North Wales Golden Fable are Rebecca Palins, TimMcIver and Jack McCarthy and released their debut album 'Star Maps' in 2012 - an album constructed from electronic beats, synths and processed effects alongside guitars, pianos and strings. Recorded in Snowdonia with David Wrench (Bats for Lashes / Caribou) and Jimmy Robertson (Anna Calvi), 'Ancient Blue' is an impassioned, more intense and bolder recording than its predecessor. On 'Ancient Blue' Golden Fable move between the heart-wrenching stillness of Low or Dead Can Dance and the textural electronica of The Album leaf or M83, with Rebacca Palin's vocals drawing comparisons with Cocteau Twins Liz Frazer.