H Hawkline - In The Pink Of Condition-CD-South

H Hawkline - In The Pink Of Condition

Although little is known about H Hawkline at this stage, international record collector, occasional DJ partner and hirsute head Andy Votel divulges that he is ‰ÛÏfrom a family lineage that comprises of 70s radio DJs and Welsh Horror movie stars.‰۝ He continues: ‰ÛÏH Hawkline‰۪s own place in the limelight often cascades and intertwines with the likes of his close friends Cate Le Bon [who produced this album], Sweet Baboo and Gruff Rhys. As an adept multi-intrumentalist main vein Huw Evans claws his influences from a broad outernational record collection comprising of Faustian Krautrock, Welsh Damp Wave, Turk Jerk and South American pre-punk.‰۝

An album of ‰ÛÏstrange pop‰۝ (words borrowed from Huw), ‰Û÷In The Pink Of Condition‰۪ is a controlled explosion of laser-guided guitar melody (think a careering Television show or Pavement outside the original site of Spillers) and whipsmart bi-lingual wordplay.

Although reluctant to cite a shopping list‰۪s worth of influences, Huw nods to two permanent inspirations - the maverick US author Richard Brautigan (the Hawkline name is appropriated from Brautigan‰۪s 1974 ‰Û÷gothic western‰۪ ‰Û÷The Hawkline Monster‰۪) and a just-turned-solo Paul McCartney (Huw namechecks ‰Û÷Ram‰۪, an album coincidentally recorded when the once-and-future Beatle was also twenty-nine). From the former, a wistful ways with words - songs constructed as slices of life, surrealist observations on the everyday. From the latter - what else would one ask for other than a just smidgeon of McCartney‰۪s sixth sense for abundant, tumbling melody?

The LP format is packaged in a gatefold sleeve and comes with a digital download code.