Hail Mary Mallon - Bestiary

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After 3 years in remission, Hail Mary Mallon has returned, iller than ever. åÊComprised of two of the most verbose MC's in Hip-Hop today‰ÛÒ Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic‰ÛÒ Hail Mary Mallon prepares to unleash theiråÊsecond full-length release, Bestiary.åÊåÊIndividually, these two lyricists are well known for wordy expressionsåÊeliciting oft-despondent themes.åÊåÊTogether, however, they appear to push one another to the limits ofåÊhumorously witty wordplay, while simultaneously crafting complex rhyme patterns.åÊåÊThe very title of theåÊalbum, Bestiary, was inspired by the fact that they both went into beast mode, here. åÊThe group's hungeråÊcomes across in more than just the lyrics, though.åÊåÊWith both Aesop & Rob sharing production duties, theåÊalbum is laden with hypnotic beats ranging from dense & murky to melodic & twisting, allåÊcomplemented by the cutting precision of turntablist DJ Big Wiz.åÊåÊAs if all that wasn't enough, there's theåÊartwork‰ÛÒ a masterpiece taxidermy gallery of outlandish beasts, conceived and illustrated by theåÊtalented Coro.åÊåÊFor a limited time, this album artwork will be available with 3 different covers to chooseåÊfrom, each depicting a different beast head, on CD and picture-disc vinyl!åÊ