Hatcham Social - The Birthday Of The World-CD-South

Hatcham Social - The Birthday Of The World


Hatcham Social are set to return with a new album of their very own art-pop, post-punk, and rock ‰Û÷n‰۪ roll sound on Crocodile Records on the 2nd of October 2015. ‰Û÷The Birthday of the World‰۪ is the follow up to last years ‰Û÷Cutting Up The Present Leaks Out The Future‰۪, described by Q Magazine as ‰ÛÏa thrilling long dark night of the soul‰۝, and features ten new tracks including the recent download release ‰Û÷Bucket Of Blood‰۪. Since the release of their debut long player ‰Û÷You Dig The Tunnel, I‰۪ll Hide The Soil‰۪ in 2009, Hatcham Social have never been a band to fall neatly into a scene or formula. From lo-fi bedroom pop cassettes, to post-punk shards and poetry, short films, girl-boy rock 'n' roll, and drug fueled dark folk tinged psychedelia they have constantly reinvented and evolved with each release.

The atmospherics, lyrical heart, and energy are carried through to this new album: a science fiction themed art-pop odyssey titled ‰Û÷The Birthday of the World‰۪. Inspired by the stories of Isaac Asimov, Ursula K Le Guin, and Arthur C Clarke, the new album is an exploration of Earth‰۪s last days and the colonisation of Mars and is without doubt their finest collection of songs to date.