Haust - Bodies-CD-South

Haust - Bodies


Fourth album by one of the main bands of Fysisk Format.

Originators of the Black Hole Crew (Okkultokrati, Dark Times, etc). Produced by Milton Von Krogh (Pirate Love, Okkultokrati, ÌÉrabrot). With the dawn of the new year, Haust present Bodies! Their fourth offering flash a renewed and reworked band, expanding their black-metal/punk hybrid with elements of psychedelia, hypnotic noise rock and a ghostly sense of melody.

While Bodies is still has a huge part of of Haust's trademark raw rudimentary rage, it is also their most complex work to date, fusing nihilism and ambition to show that punk can be more than pure aggression. To emphazise this, the first perfomance of Bodies was as a collaboration with a contemporary dance group in an art gallery in Oslo.

While last year's Haust album NO marked a new beginning and a return to a more primitive sound, Bodies is the full exposition of Haust's rebirth. In addition to the drummer and cover artist Odden and keyboardist Egseth who debuted on NO, Haust has been reinforced with sound expert and guitar wonder Trond MjÌüen (Haraball, Ulver) as well as guest appearances by Henning Wisth of Okkultokrati and Milton Von Krogh, known as main man of Pirate Love, and more recently, producer of ÌÉrabrot and Okkultokrati.

When it comes to the lyrics, all written by Haust's iconic singer VebjÌürn, the themes are more personal this time around. The title refers to gender identity and the taboos of modern society and the track Give Me Shame (referred to as "The catholic one" in the rehearsal room) elaborates on pride, lust and sexual identity. Bodies is about breaking boundaries and destroying everything that stands in its way. It is also about sticking together and melting into a collective body. Giving a soundtrack to the alienated weirdos of the world and celebrating deviance in the tradition of John Water's Pink Flamingos, Tod Browning's Freaks, Brian Yuzna's Society and Alice in Wonderland.The message from the album is: Live out your sexuality, dream yourself into a trashy trance, let your body float and feed on your fear!

All of this is converged into a thirty minute piece of euphoric / psychotic punk rock for everyone to enjoy!

Tracklist: 1. Static Attack 2. Days 3. Body Melt 4. Light 5. Give Me Shame 6. Peephole Maze 7. No Body 8. Out Like A Light 9. Fall 10. Bodies