Hole - Hole Lotta Love

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Community Theater, Berkeley, CA 9th Dec. 1994 ‰ÛÒ Live 105, KITS FM Broadcast

1994 was an intense, whirlwind year for the band Hole and its leader, Courtney Love. The release of their second album,åÊLive Through This, was less than a month after the death of her husband, Kurt Cobain, and was shortly followed by the death by overdose of Hole's bassist, Kristen Pfaff. All of those highs and lows can be felt, viscerally, in the sound of Hole's live shows that year, with possibly the best sound and performance coming from this December show in Berkeley, CA. Essential live 90s alternative from the queen of the scene.

Track list:
Side A:
1. Radio Intro 2. Plump 3. Sugar Coma 4. Miss World 5. Asking For It 6. Hungry Like The Wolf 7. Best Sunday Dress

Side B:
1. Doll Parts 2. Violet 3. Olympia 4. Sugar Coma (Reprise)