Howlround - Secret Songs of Savamala

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**Follow up to the sublime 'The Ghosts of Bush - Limited Edition of 300**

Robin The Fog returns like with a chilling follow-up to 'The Ghosts Of Bush', recorded in a ruined customs house in Belgrade, Serbia. Evocatively described as "architectural portraiture in sound" by one of the project's enablers, Leila Peacock, 'Secret Sound Of Savamala' features vocals and percussion by Mirjana Utviۈ and Anita Kne?_iۈ recorded entirely on site by Robin Fogiۈ and Chris Weaver with the Howlround "tape loop quartet", most notably using no additional reverb or electronic effects whatsoever. By way of canny microphone placement and post production layering and speed adjustment Robin beautifully harnesses the decaying structure's natural harmonics much the same way he did with Bush House in London, incorporating the clanks of its internal iron skeleton, the drips of melting snow into a flooded basement, and the rumbling of passing freight trains approaching the busy nearby port along with a cavernous, gothic chamber symphony. It's a spellbinding listen, highly recommended to followers of Philip Jeck, or indeed much of the Touch catalogue.