Jim O'Rourke - Old News #8

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For anyone unfamiliar with the breadth of Jim O'Rourke's incredible oeuvre - especially his electro-acoustic and computer works - Mego's Old News series must be a total revelation. This eighth edition is a remastered version of the 'Mere' section to his 1992 release 'Disengage' for Staalplaat recorded live at Depaul University in 1991, now with an additional 18 minute addendum 'Merely'. O'Rourke processes contributions from Jeff Cortazzo (Trombone), Sue Wolf (Cello), Michael Prime (Shortwave), plus the vocals of Geoff Fontaine, Gretchen Wells, Matt Guerierri, and Scott Shell into glowing, swelling microtonal drones and timbral scree, sweeping into pensile, gossamer ambience and plangent sonorities, opening the moment to near-infinity and exploring its depths to the fullest. Surprisingly, the final section introduces the rolling percussion of Carrie Biolo, gradually accumulating glassy tones until a crucial balance is tipped and a passage of slow, incendiary electro-acoustics consumes all, fading out to drone. Remarkable stuff.